The ability to weld onto an in-service pipeline is an advantageous method and a cost-effective solution to completing repairs and alterations, when executed properly. NLS’ team brings a meticulous combination of knowledge, experience, and expertise that is required to perform these functions safely and accurately, mitigating risk and maintaining productivity.

Burn-through/blowouts, hydrogen cracking, and material degradation are possible issues when it comes to working on in-service pipe, and all pose varying degrees of risk if something goes wrong. Working on sites carrying high pressure crude, natural gas distribution lines, or ethylene and chemical transmission networks, NLS reduces these dangers with strategic pre-planning and staying within precise wall thickness limits. NLS performs integrity in-service welding to numerous client qualification procedures. Having these limits in place allows our team to balance the amount of heat generated during the welding process with that of the heat generated by the removal of the flow of contents, ensuring the integrity of the pipe is not compromised.

From upholding the integrity of the pipe we service, to ensuring the integrity of the safety of all people and environment, NLS can safely execute your integrity in-service welding needs.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Repairs/Sleeving
  • Installation of plugging equipment used for tie-ins, connections, extensions, or bypasses
  • Main relocations for pig launching and receiving stations, connections, extensions, or repair sleeves
  • Fittings or valves
  • Welding for hot tapping