When it comes to process piping, environmental conscientiousness is of paramount importance to NLS Welding & Contracting Inc. With more scrutiny being placed on the accountability of oil and gas companies today, than ever before, we know and appreciate the necessity of maintaining the earth we live on and the environments that these industries directly affect.

Hydrostatic testing not only ensures the integrity of all new and existing lines and helps reduce the negative impacts that could arise from leaks and other complications; but, also only requires small amounts of medium to perform the tests, minimizing the amount of waste and the amount of contained energy, making the process more environmentally friendly and safe. NLS follows all rules and regulations under the constraints of industry and client specifications, and our management team provides continuous performance tracking and support to guarantee each test is executed effectively and safely.

With all ASME and CSA welding NLS performs, hydrostatic testing is a requirement set forth to ensure tightness and strength. Hydro testing is a way in which pressure vessels such as pipelines or any piping spools, can be tested for strength and leaks. NLS is very experienced and skilled at performing these tests and have access to all the certified gauges and chart equipment to meet all piping codes. Upholding safety standards and durability of a pipe, pipeline, or vessel over the longevity of its use, is of extreme importance.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Integrity testing
  • Hydraulic system testing
  • Flexible and rigid line testing
  • Visual testing
  • Gas leak detection
  • Performance inspection
  • High pressure testing