Before any operator gets into the seat of a piece of equipment, or operates any device where proper skills, handling, and technique are required; the worker must first be deemed competent to do so. Our safety program incorporates a thorough operator competency program which consists of both written and practical exams to help identify a worker’s competency and skill level. NLS also utilizes this program for task specific procedures and the use of some hand tools.


NLS Welding & Contracting Inc. will provide each worker with adequate training to ensure that one inspects the equipment prior to and during use, and operates it in the appropriate manner for which it was designed. Workers will immediately report all deficiencies to the acting supervisor. Each supervisor will ensure that all deficiencies are corrected immediately, or clearly marked and removed from service.



Working in close proximity with heavy equipment, hotlines, excavations, piping, and manifolds, greatly increases the risks of workplace incidents and injuries. NLS has proactively initiated in-depth spotting procedures that are used by evaluated, competent workers; wherever needed, or as requested by clients.

NLS incorporates a bi-level approach to spotting, with the addition of a crane spotting procedure for any operations involving cranes:

Spotter Level 1- Spotters are a competent worker designated to provide standard signals to guide operator(s) of vehicles and heavy equipment.

Spotter Level 2– A designated spotter that provides standard and excavation signals to guide operator(s) working around below grade facilities (exposing) or other areas of higher risk. Must be competent in Level 1 Spotting.