At NLS, we don’t just care about quality assurance and quality control. Quality, in every essence of the word, is a founding principle of NLS’ core values. Creating a program that is thorough, consistent, tested, and true, is fundamental to the success of the business. We understand that the quality of any turnover package we offer our clients is dependent on the quality of the data that we gather from the beginning. NLS provides our clients with the highest quality of process piping for industrial facilities, as well as structural entities that meet both contractual, and regulatory requirements.

NLS Welding & Contracting Inc. is a TSASK (Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan) & CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified facility, with an approved TSASK quality program. Our NLS Quality team takes pride in being able to provide our clients with a thorough quality turnover and piping package at the completion of projects. Our team includes our highly trained and professional TSASK & CWB welders, CWB accredited visual inspectors and welding supervisors; as well as, Journeyman pipefitters, equipment operators and administrators.


  • Establish accountability
  • Reassure clients that systems are in place to guarantee compliance and address non-compliance
  • Understand how we can improve the quality of our work
  • Compare our system and programs to others, to ensure the best possible confidence in what we do
  • Ensure corners are not cut, and integrity is not compromised
  • Decrease additional overhead costs


NLS Welding & Contracting Inc. maintains an active list of pre-approved subcontractors, should their services be required.

NLS is committed to ensuring that practical and effective measures are used to protect the health and welfare of its employees and subcontractors. Each subcontractor must perform all work in compliance with applicable legislation, the NLS, and client safety manuals.

Subcontractors will be prequalified through review of safety program, training documents, safety statistics, quality program, and commercial information. Subcontractors will be chosen based on safety records and compliance, quality of work, cost, and availability. Each subcontractor must have a current W.C.B. account, appropriate commercial general liability insurance, automobile insurance, and applicable training and experience.

All subcontractors will participate in pre-job meetings, orientations for NLS, and the client which the work is being performed, tailgate meetings, hazard assessment processes, and the job safety inspections. Subcontractors are responsible for becoming familiar with all applicable regulations and manuals. Documentation of each subcontractor’s safety plans and policies will be maintained and reviewed.