Our Core Values


  • Quality- NLS prides itself on the quality of the services we provide our clients. We believe it is in the best interests of the company, and our clients, to not cut corners, or position ourselves as a “low-cost/low-quality” service provider.
  • Safety- There will be no compromising when it comes to the safety of our workers and those who work with us. We work hard to meet and exceed the demands of our clientele, and carry the same high standards on to every project, no matter how large or small. Our goal is to ensure our workers and those who work with us, take safety home with them and make it part of their everyday life.
  • Integrity- It is our responsibility to ensure the quality of our work and the finished products we produce are held up to the highest possible standards of quality and workmanship. NLS is dedicated to adhering to the firm code of practices and procedures set forth by all applicable governing legislation. We are proud of our abilities in quality control and quality assurance and believe that it is this foundation that sets NLS apart from our competitors. 


NLS Welding & Contracting Inc. commits to the health and safety of all workers by implementing the NLS safety and quality programs. With this training, individuals are aware of all personal responsibilities. Each worker is held accountable for one’s quality, health, and safety responsibilities.

  • NLS Welding & Contracting Inc. believes quality and safety is an attitude adopted individually by each person. Policies and procedures enable and encourage each individual to make quality decisions with their safe attitude. The President supports each person in their quest to make these informed choices.
  • NLS Welding & Contracting Inc. ensures each worker is competent in their assigned job and uses personal protective equipment correctly.
  • NLS Welding & Contracting Inc. maintains equipment and materials, with participation from workers. NLS provides everything required to perform a quality job safely.
  • NLS Welding & Contracting Inc. handles emergencies that may arise from any operation, and reviews, evaluates, and modifies the program to ensure health and safety lead to quality workmanship.
  • NLS Welding & Contracting Inc. meets and exceeds customer requirements by on time delivery of highest quality work and safety standards. These are in strict compliance with safety and regulatory requirements.